Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Wedding Anniversary - O'ahu, Hawaii, September 2014

We made it through our first year of marriage! It's been a tough year with lots of ups and downs because we are two imperfect people living together day in and day out, but thank God He helped us getting through it all and strengthening us.

This past year, we made weekend road trips to Solvang, Cambria/Hearst Castle, and San Diego, but life has gotten the best of me as I dove into my role as a wife and stepmother of two beautiful girls, so I had not posted any blog entries.

For our first wedding anniversary, we decided to go to Hawaii. My husband was in the Navy and was stationed in O'ahu before, but he never visited it as a civilian. The last time I was in Hawaii was in 2006 (see blog here), so it was time for me to go back. Because other islands were out of our budget during this time, we settled on visiting O'ahu.

Our trip got interesting the moment we arrived at the airport. We saw bunch of paparazzi with big cameras waiting at the gate. As we were going up to the gate, this woman came right in front of me and flashes were going crazy on her. My husband asked who that was, and it turned out to be actress Kate Beckinsale (who played lead female role in the movie "Pearl Harbor." How fitting for our trip). I checked online later and saw that we had made it to the UK Daily Mail's tabloid video! You can watch it here and see us in the background. Once we got into the terminal, I ran into Kate again at the restaurant where we were grabbing a bite before our flight. She turned, smiled at me, and said hi, and I smiled and said hi to her in return. That was a cool star sighting moment.

When we arrived in Waikiki, we were tired because Hawaii is 3 hours behind Pacific Time. While it was only 7pm there, it was really 10pm for our bodies. We decided to go to Gyu-Kaku, a popular Japanese BBQ chain restaurant, for our anniversary dinner. It was a delicious meal making us even more sleepy!