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Honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - September 15-20, 2013

I got married to a wonderful man on September 14, 2013. After our wedding, we wasted no time jumping on the plane jetting off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for our honeymoon the next day. This was my second time in Cabo. This little town has grown so much since I first visited in 2007 (see that blog entry here). When I was single, I did a more adventurous trip in Cabo. I went parasailing and ziplined for the first time in my life. This time around, we decided to just chill, relax, and enjoy each other's company since this was the very first trip we took together as a couple ever. Plus, Cabo was affected a bit by Hurricane Manuel so we had couple of days with gusty winds where the condition was not ideal for parasailing (which I really wanted to do again).

Upon arrival, here's our view from the hotel. We stayed right on the Marina which is the heart of downtown Cabo.

After settling in, we walked around the Marina enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Our first meal in Cabo was at the Shrimp Factory which was right across the street from our hotel. We were famished so we splurged and got a Rib-eye, Lobster, and Shrimp dinner for USD$32/each. This was a great deal!

The next day after chilling at the pool all day, we went on a sunset dinner cruise.

The famous "Lover's Beach."

Then we came up to the most famous landmark in Cabo, El Arco.

These amazing rock formations are collectively called "Land's End." This is where the colder Pacific Ocean meets the warmer Sea of Cortez.

This boat was pretty much a party cruise where they played music and had an open bar. This cute baby was dancing to the music.

Looking back at Cabo and the Marina, we saw the "Thumb" rock formation.

Here's the photo of the "Thumb" I took on my 2007 trip.

The sun was going down and the rain clouds were starting to roll in from Hurricane Manuel.

Another look at the Arc.

Clouds make breathtaking sunset and sky. :)

This was our view at breakfast the following morning. It was nice and tranquil since there weren't many tourists around this time of the year except for cruise ships docking for a day.

After breakfast, we walked around the Marina and onto the famous Medano Beach. The Sea of Cortez was so clear and inviting.

See how clear the water was? :)

We went in! The water was warm and it felt sooooo good. It was so much fun.

After going back to the hotel and soaking in the pool for a bit, we saw the rain clouds coming in. Sure enough, a thunderstorm passed by and it rained for about 20-30 minutes. We just sat on our balcony, enjoyed the sound of the rain, and watched lightening here and there. It was so soothing. Click here to see a video clip from our view on the balcony.

After the rain, the night started to clear up with a beautiful full moon out. We just sat outside, listened to music on my iPad, and enjoyed the night.

The next day, we explored the beaches adjacent to Lover's Beach. We tried going to Lover's Beach but it was high tide so it was a little difficult for us to cross over.

The wave was a bit harsh that day because of the weather. You can see Medano Beach in the background where we were the day before.

That evening, we decided to go out on a date (sounds funny, right? We were on our honeymoon and went out on a date *smile*). We tried this sushi place called Nick-San right by our hotel. Their sushi was fresh and decent, except that the sushi rice was not warm. A pretty interesting dish we tried was these deep fried oysters in Indian curry sauce.

After dinner, we walked around the Marina and checked out the Puerto Paraiso mall. This mall had a nice little courtyard in the center so we sat on the couch and chilled and people watched. It was nice and relaxing.

The last full day we were there, my hubby got food poisoning (yikes!). He was in bed all day. We were joking that, "Hey, in sickness and in health, right? We just exchanged our vows a few days ago so now we are putting it in practice." Ha! Well, a trip to Mexico is not certified authentic until you get sick, right? :)

While my poor hubby was down, I ran downstairs to this taco place called Los Claros on the first floor of our hotel. Their sign said "The best tacos in Cabo," so I decided to put their words to test. I tried their Marlin Taco, Grilled Shrimp Taco, and a Mixed Seafood Quesadilla. Well, they did not disappoint. I liked the Marlin Taco the best. It was very flavorful.

The day we were coming home, the rain clouds were gone leaving us a crystal clear, crisp blue morning sky. The temperature also went down from low 90's to low 80's which was perfect.

We walked around the Marina once more after breakfast. We noticed schools of fish by the docks. The water was so clear it was like we went snorkeling without getting in the water!

These looked like baby sharks to me. What do you think?

The week went by way too fast for us, but we had an incredible time together. This was our very first trip together and we will have many more to come!

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