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(REPOST) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - May 2007

For Memorial Day weekend in 2007, I went back to Mexico after a great trip to Puerto Vallarta in June 2003. I had heard a lot about Cabo and wanted to visit for some time. Despite being a hot tourist spot, Cabo was not as commercialized and crazy as Cancun. I had a relaxing time there.

Here's looking at Land's End from the beach at my hotel, where the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez meet.

Immediately after I took this picture, I got hit by a strong onshore tide and fell in the water and got my dress wet. Yeah, welcome to Cabo. :D

That evening, I went to a cantina by the harbor for dinner. I shared a cab ride with these two girls visiting from the States as well, and we decided to hang out together.


We were then joined by these two locals sitting near by. Now it's a party!

Having too much fun!

I don't remember his name anymore, but isn't he cute?

The next morning, I found out there's a restaurant right on the beach not far from my hotel. So I went there to have breakfast. It felt soooo good digging my feet in the cool sand, feeling the morning breeze of fresh air, and taking in the breathtaking scenery while enjoying some huevos rancheros.

That afternoon, I took a sunset cruise on a catamaran.


It was such a beautiful evening. I was having a blast.

Finally, we reached Land's End looking at Lover's Beach.

The sea got a bit rough out there because of the different tides from the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. It felt like I was on a fun bumper car ride.

The sun started to set.

The sun was going down over this charming seaport village with the "Thumb" rock formation.

After the cruise, I strolled around the harbor area. There was a club with music pouring onto the street, and this baby was dancing to it. It was so cute!

The next day, I went ziplining. Ziplining was still somewhat new back in 2007, and it has since gained popularity. I discovered there's a zipline in Cabo from watching my favorite Samantha Brown travel show. Despite my fear of heights, I went for it. I was scared!


Flying across the canyon.


See how wide of a canyon we zipped across?

About to go on the highest and longest zipline. You can see the ocean!

Going on the last zipline called "Tequila!" You are supposed to yell "Tequila!" when you zip off. :D

Later on that afternoon, I hung out on the beach soaking in the sun.

I saw there were people parasailing, so I went on it. I went parasailing in Puerto Vallarta for the first time in 2003 and I loved it. It's so serene and peaceful up there, but look at how small my boat is down there!

Gorgeous view from up above!

After an adventurous day fighting off my fear of heights, I rewarded myself to a yummy lobster dinner.

It was mmm...mmm...good!

I cleaned the plate.

Instead of saying "cheese!" when taking a picture on this trip, I was saying "Tequila!" the whole time.

Somehow I didn't have a direct flight back home to Los Angeles. I routed through Mexico City which didn't make sense, but I didn't mind it at all. I did not want to come home after such a fun and relaxing trip, and was happy I got to briefly step outside of the airport and took a quick shot of Mexico City, the largest metropolitan area in North America (yes, even larger than New York). I would love to visit Mexico City someday.

The two trips I've taken to Mexico so far, I found the people very friendly, the food tasty, and the atmosphere relaxing. I actually met Americans moving there after visiting because they loved it so much, as well as Mexicans moving back home after being educated in the U.S. I hope to visit other parts of Mexico after the drug wars stop.

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