Monday, June 13, 2011

San Diego Part Deux - June 2011

I went back to San Diego for work last week. I'm falling in love with this city more and more every time I visit.

Here's the view from my hotel room.

A beautiful walkway for crossing traffic above the road.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

(REPOST) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - May 2007

For Memorial Day weekend in 2007, I went back to Mexico after a great trip to Puerto Vallarta in June 2003. I had heard a lot about Cabo and wanted to visit for some time. Despite being a hot tourist spot, Cabo was not as commercialized and crazy as Cancun. I had a relaxing time there.

Here's looking at Land's End from the beach at my hotel, where the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez meet.

Immediately after I took this picture, I got hit by a strong onshore tide and fell in the water and got my dress wet. Yeah, welcome to Cabo. :D