Sunday, February 13, 2011

Los Angeles Central Library Tour and Being a Tourist in My Own City Part 2

I went on a tour of the central library in downtown LA this weekend. It was free and the weather was gorgeous. I had tons of fun exploring the city again. I'm happy that I'm discovering more and more hidden gems here at home after I went on the Downtown LA Art Walk and a Downtown gastronomy food tour last year.

After having a delicious brunch at Bottega Louie (which I had been wanting to go forever, and we saw John Lithgow there - loved him in 3rd Rock from the Sun), we went on a self-guided financial district art walk before heading up to the library. Our first stop was the Ernst & Young Plaza. We saw this fun statue called "Corporate Head."

At first, people disliked this and they were offended by this piece of "art," but overtime, they grew to love it. Now people would pat on its back for good luck before going into the building to work. I hope it'll make me the #1 salesperson in my company! :D