Friday, November 12, 2010

(REPOST) Photos from Hawaii Trip - October, 2006

In 2006, I took my girl friends to Waikiki for a weekend. This was my second time there and my girl friends' first. We had such a fabulous time there and I still think about this amazing trip often.

We are landing!

My dear friend Teesha and her friend Uheina flew in from Phoenix.

Towanna (from LA), Teesha (from Phoenix but now lives in Atlanta), yours truly (the ring leader/event organizer/tour guide), Cherisse (from LA), and Uheina (from Phoenix). Our first night roaming around in Waikiki.

We sat by the beach, admired the full moon, listened to Hawaiian music nearby, listened to the ocean wave splashing, and felt the warm wind kissing our faces. It was such a perfect and completely relaxing night.

There are ABC stores on every corner! Our Luau tour guide told us ABC stands for "All Blocks Covered." Haha!

I rented a car and took the ladies on a hunt for the Giovanni shrimp truck in North Shore. Their garlic shrimp scampi is out of this world!

O.M.G...I have NOT had any better shrimp scampi than this.

Cherisse and Towanna loving their plates.

But Teesha tuned everybody out as soon as she started eating! I kept saying, "Teesha! Teesha! Can you hear me?!" She did NOT respond until she finished the whole plate. It was so funny.

On North Shore

We saw sea turtles swimming up from the ocean and crawling onto the beach. So cool.

Then, I took the girls to my favorite beach, Lanikai. The water was so warm.


We hung out in the warm ocean, floating, laughing, and enjoying the beautiful scenery for hours.

The sand on Lanikai Beach is like flour. You don't even feel like you're walking on sand. It's so soft and fluffy. Unbelievable!

Night view from our hotel.

The next day, we went to Pearl Harbor.

The oil is still leaking from the ship. Crazy.

That evening, we went to a Luau.

We all got our "Honi Honi" (kisses) from our guide. Lucky dawg. LOL!

Here's the stunningly beautiful Teesha. She's now a working model/actress in Atlanta after I've been telling her forever to get into the business. So glad she did.

Our roasted pig is ready!

We all got on stage to dance a little hula.

They took a photo of us and tried to sell it while we were on the bus ride back to Waikiki. We decided to take a picture of the picture and not pay for it. Haha! We sat in the back of the bus laughing so hard at our silliness.

The next day, we went to Diamond Head to go snorkeling.

There were so many colorful fish at our feet!

Afterward, we went back to Waikiki Beach and just hung out there. Here's my view while laying on the beach. :)

Our last sunset in Hawaii...

Our last night in Waikiki.

Our last morning in Hawaii. Didn't want to go home. :(

Cherisse and I decided to stretch our vacation a little longer by getting another drink at the airport bar. :)

Hawaii truly is a paradise full of natural beauty. I'd love to explore other islands sometime soon!

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