Monday, September 13, 2010

(REPOST) Toronto and NYC, May 2008

In keeping with the NYC theme from the last repost of my 2007 NYC trip, here are photos from my 2008 Toronto and NYC trip.

Work brought me to Toronto and we stayed at the Four Seasons downtown. Being a huge sports fan, the hotel told me the Lakers stayed here just a week prior. Here's the view from my room with complimentary cheese platter and a bottle of wine.

The Royal Ontario Museum. Cool structure!

Hanging out on Yonge Street and saw this mobile ad. The Alien was waving at me.

My beautiful friend, Ayana, whom I initially met on MySpace in 2005, met up with me and took me out to dinner. This was our first time meeting in person but we didn't feel like strangers at all!

Ayana took me to this Japanese restaurant and we had this Japanese savory pancake. It was delish!

There's a strip club right on Yonge Street. There was a yellow school bus that drove by just a minute before I took this picture. It felt so wrong. :D

After dinner, Ayana took me to a lounge called Alley Cats, where her friends played live music. We had lots of fun dancing.

The next day, Ayana took me to the CN Tower.

The CN Tower is right next to Rogers Centre.

Looking upward while riding the elevator.

They have glass floor on one level. It made me so dizzy looking down, but Ayana had no fear of heights at all. She was jumping around on the thing and almost gave me a heartattack!

Looking down.

Looking at Downtown Toronto.

I inched onto the glass floor and I was really, really scared! My knees were weak!

I even felt dizzy laying down on the glass floor.

After CN Tower, we went out to eat with Ayana's cutie son, Kai. Kai loves football and he was talking about football with me non-stop. So funny.

Work started the next day. We had our welcome dinner at Windows restaurant atop the Four Seasons. There are falcons living up here! This one was sitting right next to a window and was looking at us all night. So cool.

After work ended in Toronto, I went out to NYC and spent a weekend there before coming home. I had heard so much about the Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3, so I decided to check it out. It was soooo goood!

The next day, my dear friend Rasheed drove up from Philly, and we met up with my other friend Angel who showed me around NYC in 2007 for Labor Day weekend. I met up with Angel in Time Square. It's too bad that Jay-Z concert was sold out that night at the Garden already.

So very happy to be back in NYC!

Angel took me and Rasheed to a restaurant owned by a friend of his near SoHo. Here's Angel and I.

Rasheed, me, and Angel. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by these gorgeous men!

Here's Rasheed and I. Rasheed is now engaged to be married in 2011 to his girlfriend Andrea in Vancouver. They met in Vegas just 4 months after this photo was taken, and I had a hand in hooking them up. They told me that my presence at their wedding is "mandatory." Haha!

The next day, I met up with Angel at Union Square. It was a gorgeous day in the City.

Angel took me to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for Cherry Blossom Festival. I've been to Manhattan, Bronx, Harlem, and Queens so far, and I've been wanting to go to Brooklyn, so I'm happy that I got to visit Brooklyn on this trip.

Aren't the flowers pretty?

A 101-year old bonsai tree. Amazing!

Angel and I acting silly again.

Before I went home, I had to pay a visit to my favorite little eatery, Cafe Habana. I indulged in their grilled corn and Cuban sandwich. So happy!

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