Thursday, September 9, 2010

(REPOST) Photos from NYC, Labor Day weekend 2007

With the US Open heating up, I've been reminiscing a fun Labor Day weekend trip to the Big Apple back in 2007 while the US Open was going on. I hung out with my friend Angel, whom I met in Miami on July 4th weekend just two months prior. Angel was a great host. I lived out as a New Yorker for a weekend and it was a wonderful experience.

It was a gorgeous day in the City! These clouds looked like a dragon, didn't they?

We walked around SoHo and it was getting pretty hot, so Angel treated me to a refreshing ice cream cone.

We went to a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown for dinner. Look how happy Angel was chowing down the BBQ pork.

Looking at the Empire State Building from Chinatown.

Angel took me to the Madison Square Park in Chelsea where they had a jumbo-tron showing the games.

Hanging out with New Yorkers.

The next day, Angel took me to the Brazilian Day Festival near Time Square.

It was so much fun people watching.

Vibrant music everywhere with people dancing.

Here's Angel and I.

Then, we went out to Flushing Meadows hoping to catch the games on the big screen inside the park.

These are the UFOs in the movie "Men in Black."

Unfortunately, the tickets were sold out for even watching the game on the big screen behind us. Bummer! We were right there but couldn't get in.

The next day, we took a train out to "Long Beach." Now I've been to both Long Beach, CA, and Long Beach, NY; pretty cool, eh? It was fun wearing my beach clothes riding the train and walking around Penn Station seeing people hauling beach chairs, coolers, and little kids with their tubes. I thought, "Ah, so this is how New Yorkers do beach around ride the train!"

Chilling on the beach with Angel acting silly.

What a great way to end the summer.

On the boardwalk.

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